2011 Exhibitors

Wes Lambe Guitars

Wes Lambe creates instruments crafted using his experiences as a professional instrument builder, and his experience running and owning various repair shops, but his designs also incorporate experiences as a performing musician, and as a player for over 20 years. Wes Lambe instruments incorporate many of the latest techniques and materials, while still being voiced, honed, and shaped in the handcrafted -time honored tradition – of the master guitar makers of generations past. Incorporating carbon fiber reinforcement and modern Epoxies where necessary for reliability and stability. Don’t forget to stop by the Wes Lambe booth at SEGAS!


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The legendary Moog instrument company essentially fathered all modern electronic music today. From the reaserch and creation of the earlist synthesizers used as musical instruments, the Moog company has been a staple in modern instruments since the early 60′s. Make sure to stop by the Moog booth as SEGAS to see the latest in analog sound manipulation.

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Abstract Logix

Founded in 2003, Abstract Logix is on the cutting edge of promoting and distributing music in new ways, connecting Musicians across the planet with their fans. Operating out of Cary, NC this company specializes in the newest of fusion, jazz, and rock and roll. Don’t forget to swing by the Abstract Logix booth at SEGAS to discover your new favorite cd/artist!

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Zaukus Guitars

Zaukus Guitars opened their doors early last year and are located in Nasheville, TN!  This company puts forth the effort to make sure that everything on each and every guitar produced with the Zaukus emblem is exactly what their customers desire in an axe.   Each Zaukus guitar is meticulously handcrafted (no CNC machines) using only the finest materials and traditional construction techniques to build guitars that rise to the level of playable works of art.  Make sure you get a chance to swing by the Zaukus guitars booth at SEGAS!

Zaukus Guitars


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Drew & Sebastian Guitars

Drew & Sebastian Guitars offers custom hand-built electric guitars and basses for the professional musician. Their instruments feature classic styling, high-end hardware and electronics and premium tone woods.  Located out of Oak Hill, VA.  This company is for the enthusiast or pro that needs every thing to be exact, attention to detail is a must when it comes to building a custom guitar and Drew & Sebastian pull no punches.  Make sure to check them out their line of original guitars at SEGAS!



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Alan Aker has been a repair tech for about 20 years and has parts, lots of parts. New and used, guitar necks and bodies,pickguards,pick-ups,knobs etc. Everything from strap buttons to tuning pegs. He will also have a few vintage pieces and some custom guitars and accessories. Make sure you stop by Angelic’s booth and grab some parts for your projects at home!

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Briggs Guitars

Briggs guitars are handbuilt in very limited quantities with the best tonewoods available. Every Briggs guitar receives the same loving attention to detail in construction, finish and setup as the next. Jack Briggs has had over 25 years of luthier experience and over 30 years of experience of experience with instruments in general. Based out of Raleigh, NC, Briggs guitars will be bringing some of their critically acclaimed models to SEGAS! Make sure to stop by the Briggs booth this year.


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Benado Effects

Benado Effects is a boutique level effects company taking a cool idea and making it happen. Unlike most analog pedals which only contain one effect, Benado pedals take all of the essentials and wrap them up in one nice neat little box. Owner Sage Benado sums up his companies policy best by saying
“A great product is only as good as the customer service that accompanies it. My vision is to help each and every one of my customers if ever needed with customer support/service that is personable, as fast as possible, and professional.” Make sure to stop by their booth this year at SEGAS and give Benado a test run!


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Trident Guitars

Trident Guitars was founded in 2008 based on the core principal of boutique style guitars with a seemingly endless amount of options and a reasonable price range, Trident stands out as a more affordable guitar without sacrificing quality.  Trident implements a 3 piece body design and an original design neck that is wide and flat.  All of these features with most of their base models clocking in at under a grand, Trident Guitars is not a company to overlook.  Make sure you stop by the Trident Guitars booth at SEGAS!


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Black Widow Guitar

Introducing a new concept guitar, the Black Widow. A guitar like no other in looks, sound, and playability. Designed from scratch with the serious player in mind, the Black Widow is one-of-a-kind. It will be the one guitar to replace all others in your inventory. Check out the Black Widow booth at SEGAS and see what the hype is about!

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