2011 Sponsors

Suhr Guitars

Starting in 1997 Suhr guitars has been a company striving for excellence with humble beginnings, making some of the finest instruments available all while paying extreme attention to detail, Suhr has for certain made a name for itself in the ever expanding industry of instrument production.  Suhr is a first time sponsor this year at SEGAS!


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National Guitar Museum

The goal of The National Guitar Museum is to create the first institution devoted exclusively to the evolution, history, science, and cultural impact of the guitar.  The people at The National Guitar Museum are all passionate about the guitar. The NGM has assembled an incredible team to create the first national museum to encompass and explore every element of the guitar–from its creation to its impact on modern culture.  The Nation Guitar Museum is sponsoring SEGAS this year for the second time.

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Port City Amplifcation

Port City Amplification is a high-end amplifier company based out of Wilmington, NC.  They produce unique amplifiers and cabinets that provide a different tone and a high standard of quality.  Port City returns this year as a second time sponsor of SEGAS!

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Reverend Guitars

Reverend Guitars is the brainchild of Joe Naylor. Joe’s decades of formal training and hands-on experience along with our small, highly skilled staff insures that Reverend delivers the goods.  Combining the elements of tone, style, value, and service, reverend guitars produce some of the most original instruments on the market! They are returning as a second time sponsor of SEGAS this year!

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Heyboer Transformers

Heyboer Transformers has been designing and building the highest quality transformers for the electronics industry since 1958, serving customers worldwide. Heyboer returns this year as a second time SEGAS sponsor!

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Swart Amplifier Company

Michael Swart started building custom tube amps to get the exact tone he wanted. The original Space Tone is as a result of this need for a small studio or home amp that could provide BIG tone with quality distortion when needed. The Atomic Space Tone followed and the rest is history.  Swart Amps returns this year as a second time sponsor/exhibitor of SEGAS!


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3 Monkeys Amps

3 Monkeys amps is a company that was built out of one common goal: the quest for that perfect tone. The brain child of Greg Howard, Brad Whitford, and Ossie Ahen; 3 Monkeys Amplification is a company created out of love and driven by extensive knowledge and expertise. 3 Monkeys are not only and exhibitor but also a sponsor of this year’s SEGAS! Make sure you stop by their booth to see what they have to offer.

Mojo recently did an interview with one of the 3 monkeys, Greg Howard Which can be viewed here.




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SEGAS Sponsored Raleigh Music Academy Clinic

Hi Everyone,

We are very happy to announce that the amazing Vinnie Moore will be visiting the Raleigh Music Academy on April 9th and will lead a Master Class at 2:30 and then hold a performance clinic at 7:30 that evening.  In the Master Class, you will have a chance to jam on stage with Vinnie and learn directly from him – a RARE opportunity!  And during his evening clinic he will perform and take questions about his years of playing and touring.  Vinnie has a huge solo career under his belt, was once the guitarist for Alice Cooper, and is currently lead guitarist for the legendary band UFO.  You can register for this event by visiting http://rmaweb.com/vinniemoore.html.

You can check out some of Vinnie’s playing here on Youtube:

We are putting on this event in association with the Southeastern Guitar & Amp Show (http://www.guitarandampshow.com) and have made it VERY affordable to come learn from a world class player like Vinnie.  For less than the price of one guitar lesson you can come watch Vinnie play and take questions for an hour and a half.  This is truly one of the best lessons you can ever buy yourself!  Even if you aren’t familiar with his music, you do not want to miss out on such a monster player who is also a great guy to learn from.  You will learn so much and gain lots of inspiration and ideas for your own playing.

There will also be special giveaways from our sponsors – Xotic Effects (http://www.xoticeffects.com) and Jim Dunlop (http://www.jimdunlop.com).  We appreciate those companies making this an extra special event.

Tickets will go quickly, so please register now at http://rmaweb.com/vinniemoore.html or call us at 919-878-3338.

Thank you and see you there!
Paul Warren


The Show was a Success!

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