SEGAS interview’s Michael Landau:

SEGAS: What lessons learned have stuck with you, as a result of entering in to the music business at such an early age?

Landau: I was fortunate enough to always play with musicians that were older than me starting when I was 13 through High School. Steve Porcaro was one grade ahead of me, he had a cover band called “Still Life”. Steve Lukather and I would play at proms and school shows with this band, we rehearsed at his house in the studio garage, Jeff and Mike Porcaro would always come by rehearsals and play, but I think the biggest lesson I learned back then was to really listen to the people your playing with, add to the music by complementing what other people are playing.

SEGAS: What’s your secret to being able to perform and record with such a diverse roster of talented artists, as you’ve done over the years?

Landau: I’ve always had a broad taste in music, I was into Jazz and Electric Jazz in my teens as wellas the usual Beatles, Hendrix, Cream type Rock ‘n’ Roll. These artists naturally had a lot of Bluesinfluence in them, so I learned a lot from that. I like it all when its real.

SEGAS: Got a favorite Pink Floyd/David Gilmour story for our readers?

Landau: I played just a couple of parts on a song called “One Slip”. I was in and out of there pretty quick,David did show me his rig he had set up for overdubs, I believe it was 2 Marshall Stacks and a few pedals, I remember it wasen’t over the top loud, just a nice full fat tone, he was very kind, I could tell he really loved playing the guitar…

SEGAS: Were you a James Taylor fan growing up in L.A. and if so, what’s it like to play with him now?

Landau: I was definitely a fan from all the exposure to him from pop radio back then in the ’70s, its hard not to like James Taylor, he’s the real deal and I love playing with him. He’s humble and funny, two of my favorite things in people.

SEGAS: What do you think Burning Water’s musical legacy will be?

Landau: I’m not sure, not much I guess if we continue the human path that seems bent on destroying the world! I have very fond memories of Burning Water, they were fun times. I think we struck a good nerve with a few people, thats enough for me.

SEGAS: How does your choice of gear reflect your musical diversity?

Landau: Thats a hard one, I’ve always experimented with a lot of different setup’s and gear, I still do, its part of being a guitar player, we’re all a bit psycho aren’t we? Its fun though – all part of the journey… I’m definitely into the “less is more” with equipment these days, it let’s your voice come through loud and clear.

SEGAS: How do you and Robben (Ford) carve out your own musical spaces within the “Renegade Creation” project?

Landau: Thankfully It comes naturally, we are different enough style wise to naturally go for different parts and sounds. I’m always very inspired to play with him.

SEGAS: What is it about a guitar that still inspires you to this very day?

Landau: The feel of a great guitar setup just right through a good amp and a few pedals
is an addiction for me, I love it more than ever…

SEGAS: What’s next for Michael Landau?

Landau: I’m almost done with a new disc of my own, its going to be an all instrumental studio record. I’m still also planning a live DVD, hopefully soon, and more touring with Renegade Creation and my group…

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